The Study Hub Concept

At The Study Hub, we use specialized teachers to meet students at their exact level.  Our clients see results with our individualized, one-on-one approach. In most cases, we start with a diagnostic assessment that shows students’ specific strengths and weaknesses. Whether the need is reading comprehension, fluency, decoding, math skills, or acceleration our one-on-one approach is proven to increase scores and opportunities.

Early intervention is key to helping students keep up with their academic goals. Tutored students increase an average of 2.1-grade levels over the year in comparison with non-tutored students who increase a 1.0-grade level. We offer upper-level course tutoring as well.


The Study Hub provides tutoring in all math subjects including college courses. Our math tutors have over 25 years of education experience and work with students on a daily basis to help them with their math challenges.


Early reading intervention is imperative to continued success. We know how intimidating it can be to fall behind in language arts, but we work individually with our students so they reach their reading goals.

Dyslexia Services

It is a common misconception that dyslexia is a vision issue; however, dyslexia is a brain-based language learning difference. At The Study Hub, we have trained professionals who use a multi-sensory language-based curriculum to meet students’ needs. Students who struggle with dyslexia need phonological decoding and encoding to become successful readers. We usually recommend 2-3. one-on-one sessions per week for this type of reading program.


Elementary Subjects - $50.00

Upper-Level Subjects - $50.00